2014 NEC Changes Course Syllabus

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Gerald Newton is a licensed electrical Administrator in Alaska in the Unlimited Commercial, Inside Communications, and Residential Wiring categories.  He also is a licensed journeyman electrician in the States of Alaska and Washington.  He graduated from the William Paterson College  in 1975 with a degree in Mathematics.  He has over 43 years experience in the electrical industry including 8 years as a State of Alaska electrical inspector enforcing the NEC and the NESC, and 20 years as a construction electrician performing electrical construction work.   Over the last 20 years he has taught electrical courses and for the past 18 years has maintained and operated electrician.com or electrician2.com.  electrician.com was the very  the first electrical site on the Internet starting in July of 1995.  He created the very first approved online electrical continuing education courses for electricians and electrical administrators in the USA delivered over the Internet in January of 1999.

Text Books:
There are no textbooks required for this course.  However, the material in this course was correlated with the NEC 2014 Analysis of Changes authored by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. The student is encouraged to use the 2014 NEC published by the National Fire Protection Association and read the full text of each change as they do each question.

This is a eight hour online course on the 2014 NEC Changes.  This course covers over 200 significant changes.  The course consists of 200 questions about an illustration or text material that describes the change in the 2014 NEC Code.  The purpose of this format is to teach the student the change through an illustration using immediate feedback by means of a question that can be answered by examining the illustration or reading the text.  In most cases there is a graphic in color illustrating the change.  Using color in illustrations is very effective and tests show that retention is 15 to 20 percent higher when color is used. 

The tests are timed. Tests cannot be submitted for grading until after 1200 seconds (20 minutes of cumulative time.)  The lapse time for each test is recorded at the server and so is the time that the test was submitted. 

 After the recorded tests are completed and passed a link for the notification of completion permits the student to notify electrician2.com that they have completed the material.  The notification of completion form is automatically emailed to electrician2.com when the submit button is clicked.  After the notification is received by email the instructor reviews the records to ensure that the tests have been passed and the required time taking the tests is acceptable and payment has been made.  

The instructor then sends a certificate of completion to the student by email and updates the student's record for continuing education in the State of Washington L and I database for Washington persons and sends a certificate by email and US mail for Alaska persons.  This is usually done within 24 hours after the notification of completion is received. 


Learn the changes in the 2014 NEC.


Refund Policy
Refunds are provided by emailing: electrician@electrician2.com




Recorded tests must be passed with a 70 percentile or better