Web Address for this course is:  http://www.electrician2.com/vdrv14/rvframehol.htm

Brief Description of the Electrician Review Course

This course covers a wide range of electrical subjects including NEC code rules, code calculations, and electrical theory.  Material used in this course came from the McGraw Hill Handbook on the National Electrical Code (NEC), the NFPA Handbook on the NEC, Thomas Harman's Guide to the National Electrical Code, Ugly's Electrical Reference, Joe McPartland's Test Yourself on Electrical Calculations, the State of Colorado Journeyman's Tests, the State of Alaska Journeyman's Tests, and an Electrician Test Preparation seminar conducted in Los Vegas, Nevada that cost over $500 to attend.

This course consists of 200 questions arranged in minimum time timed tests. The total of the tests' elapse times is equal to 8 hours.  A practice course explains how problems can be solved using 400 similar questions that are tutorial and include popups with explanations and references.

Course Objectives: 

Learn essential electrical knowledge used by electricians, plan reviewers, electrical designers, master electricians, electrical administrators, and inspectors  in their work. 

Learning outcomes:

The learned material is measured through taking tests that require a passing grade of 70 percent or better.

Instructor:  Gerald Newton

Course prerequisites:  None

Program materials:

20 tests with 10 questions each.  A Practice Course consisting of 400 self grading tutorial questions with references to explain the answers.