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2008 NEC Refresher Part 2 Practice Test 4

Course Name: 2008 NEC Review
Quiz Number:  No. 19
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 A motor controller that is subject to periodic submersing in liquid sewage probably requires a NEMA Type _______ enclosure.
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a) NEMA 4
b) NEMA 6
c) NEMA 12
d) NEMA 7
e) Both b and d
2 A ground ring grounding electrode shall encircle the building and consist of at least 20 feet of bare copper conductor not smaller than No. ____ and shall be buried to a depth of no less than ____.
a) 4, 3 feet
b) 2, 2 feet
c) 2, 2 1/2 feet
d) 2, 18 inches
3 In general, Type UF feeder and branch circuit cable shall be buried to a minimum depth of ________ outside of buildings .
a) 24 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 12 inches
d) 6 inches
4 If direct buried cables are installed under buildings they shall be installed in which manner.
a) shall be installed in a raceway
b) shall be in a trench with 2 inches of concrete over the trench.
c) direct buried just like they are outside the building.
d) a and b
e) a and c
5 A conduit nipple shall be permitted to be filled to 60 percent of its cross sectional area if its length is less than or equal to _______ inches.
a) 18
b) 24
c) 30
d) 36
6 Underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools shall be protected with ground fault circuit interrupters if the fixtures operate at more than ________ volts.
a) 30
b) 48
c) 15
d) 120
7 Disregarding any exceptions, lighting fixtures and lighting outlets installed over an outdoor spa without ground fault protection shall be located not less than _____ above the maximum water level. Lighting fixtures installed over an indoor spa, where GFCI is installed, require a clearance of not less than _____ above the maximum water level.
a) 10 feet and 5 feet
b) 12 ft ,and 7 ft. 6 inches
c) 12 feet and 12 feet
8 Conductors that are directly buried in earth shall be _______.
a) identified for such use
b) labeled for such use
c) listed for such use
d) installed in raceway.
9 Aluminum cable trays shall not be used as an equipment grounding conductor for circuits with a ground fault protection above _______ amperes.
a) 2,000
b) 600
c) 400
d) 100
10 The ampacity of No. 2 Type "W" 90 degree C. rated flexible cord in a 30 degree C. ambient when there are 3 current carrying conductors in the cable is _____ amperes.
a) 152
b) 125
c) 100
d) 90
11 Power sources other than transformers used to protect Class 1 Power Limited Circuits shall be protected by overcurrent devices rated at not more than ______ percent of the rated current of the source (volt-amperes divided by voltage rating)
a) 100
b) 125
c) 167
d) 200
12 A disconnect is required to be installed within _____ of the inside walls of a hot tub.
a) 5 feet
b) 15 feet
c) 25 feet
13 A 120/240 volt service cable passing over an out door hot tub shall have a vertical clearance of at least _______ feet above the water level.
a) 12
b) 15
c) 22
d) 18
14 Non dual rated Type USE conductors cannot be installed inside a building and shall be protected where they emerges from under ground by ______.
a) a raceway that extends up to 8 feet above ground
b) other effective means
c) a coating of fire retardant material
15 Four current carrying XHHW insulated 500 kcmil aluminum conductors are installed in a raceway that is in a WET location. The ampacity rating of each conductor is ______ amperes.
a) 310
b) 280
c) 248
d) 200
16 Given: One 25-hp, 460-V, 3-phase, squirrel-cage motor, nameplate full-load current 32 A, Design B, Service Factor 1.15 The branch circuit conductors shall have an ampacity rating of _____ amperes and the maximum time delay fuse size that can be used to protect this circuit is ____amperes.
a) 42.5 and 70
b) 40 and 110
c) 42.5 and 60
17 A point located 30 inches above grade and 23 feet from the edge of an indoor remote gasoline pump is classified as __________.
a) Class 2 , Division 2
b) Unclassified
c) Class 1, Division 1
d) Class 1, Division 2
18 Power supply cords attached to the side of recreational vehicles no more than 3 feet above the ground shall be a minimum of _____.
a) 28 feet
b) 23 feet
c) 15 feet
19 General-use switch having an ampere rating not less than twice the full-load current rating of the motor shall be permitted to serve as a disconnecting means for a stationary motor rated at ________ horsepower and 300 volts or less.
a) 2
b) 1/3
c) 1/8
20 The rating of the receptacle and attachment plug cap used as a mobile home supply shall not be less than _______ .
a) 50 amperes
b) 10,000 volt-amperes
c) 100 amperes
d) 6 amperes

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