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2008 NEC Refresher Part 1 Practice Test 5

Course Name: 2008 NEC Review
Quiz Number:  No. 15
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 What is the maximum temperature rating permitted for TW wire?
a) 140 degrees C
b) 60 degrees C
c) 75 degrees C
d) 167 degrees C
2 What is the maximum size fuse allowed on a No. 12 THHN CU conductor that is not a tap conductor?
a) 20 amperes
b) 15 amperes
c) 25 amperes
d) 30 amperes
3 In general, the smallest permissible copper service drop conductor is No. 8
a) True
b) False
4 A 200 Ampere overcurrent protective device requires a No. _________ equipment grounding conductor.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
5 Flexible Metal conduit not supported for 3 feet and used to provide flexibility at equipment shall be equipped with an equipment grounding conductor.
a) True
b) False
6 For a high impedance grounded system the neutral cannot be smaller than No. _____ Copper.
a) 8
b) 6
c) 4
d) 2
7 A 120/240 V feeder shall have a rating of at least _______Amperes to supply a 9 kva noncontinuous load and a 12 kva continuous load.
a) 87.5 amperes
b) 100 amperes
c) 125 amperes
8 Any available wall space in a dwelling shall be within 7' of a plug receptacle.
a) True
b) False
9 Switch enclosures and panelboards, under certain conditions, may be used as junction boxes.
a) True
b) False
10 Under certain conditions short sections of metal raceway need not be grounded.
a) True
b) False
11 Which is the correct hookup configuration for a solidly grounded Delta Wye 480 volt to 208/120 volt transformer shown below?
a) A
b) B
c) C
12 Conductors of dissimilar metals shall not be intermixed in a terminal or splicing connector where physical contact occurs, unless the device is _________ for the purpose and conditions of use.
a) listed
b) identified
c) labeled
13 The service disconnecting means may consist of not more than six switches or circuit breakers.
a) True
b) False
14 For dwelling units the service or feeder demand capacity necessary for four 10 kw electric ranges is ______kw.
a) 15
b) 17
c) 19
d) 21
15 Which diagram shows the correct connection for three start stop stations for a motor controller. The diagrams do not show the holding contacts.
a) A
b) B
c) C
16 The clearance of 120/240 V service drop conductors over residential driveways not subject to truck traffic shall be no less than ______ ft.
a) 10 feet
b) 12 feet
c) 15 feet
d) 18 feet
17 The first 20,000 VA of computed load in a hotel shall be assessed at ______ percent.
a) 30
b) 40
c) 50
18 Unless otherwise specified, conductors used to carry current shall be of _______.
a) Copper
b) Aluminum
c) Bronze
19 The copper grounding electrode conductor for a 350 kcmil, 120/240 V service installation, if run to a ground rod electrode, shall be no smaller than No. ______
a) 6  copper
b) 4 copper
c) 2 copper
20 The smallest permissible LISTED driven ground rod electrode made of nonferrous materials is_______ inches in diameter.
a) 3/4
b) 5/8
c) 1/2

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