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2008 NEC Refresher Part 1 Practice Test 3

QCourse Name: 2008 NEC Review
Quiz Number:  No. 13
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 What is the minimum number of receptacle outlets required in the following diagram.
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a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
2 What does the following drawing represent?
a) Current transformer
b) Auto transformer
c) Single-Phase transformer
d) Three phase transformer
3 A 50 volt generator which is driven by a single motor is protected by the overcurrent device protecting the motor only when the generator is delivering no more than what percent of its full-load rated current?
a) 100 percent
b) 125 percent
c) 150 percent
d) 80 percent
4 The overcurrent protection for conductors shall not exceed how many amperes when the control circuit conductor for the motor is No. 12 AWG copper and do not extend beyond the motor control enclosure?
a) 100 amperes
b) 120 amperes
c) 60 amperes
d) 20 amperes
5 Generally, what is the minimum number of overload units in a three phase motor?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) None
6 If the overcurrent protection rating is not marked and the appliance is rated 13.3 amperes or less the branch-circuit rating of a single non-motor operated appliance shall have a minimum rating of what?
a) 150 percent of the full load rating of the appliance
b) 100 percent of the full load rating of the appliance
c) 20 amperes
d) 30 amperes
7 A cutout box installed in a wet location shall be what?
a) Rain tight
b) Weatherproof
c) Waterproof
d) Rainproof
8 A junction box used in a system rated 1,000 volts shall have a marking on it of what?
9 A nonmetallic wireway and metal wire way cannot be filled to more than 20 percent of their cross sectional area. What is the maximum number of current carrying conductors allowed in a metal wire way when no derating is required?
a) 80
b) 50
c) 30
d) 20
10 Metal surface raceways having splices and taps shall be permitted as long as the splices and taps, and conductors do not fill the raceway more than how much of the area of the raceway at that point?
a) 40 percent
b) 75 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 60 percent
11 Panelboards installed out-of-doors shall be marked in which manner?
a) Weatherproof
b) Rain tight
c) Water tight
d) Outdoor usage
12 An effective grounded path requires which of the following?
a) A solid metallic object
b) The ability to conduct fault-current
c) An energized source
d) Sufficient low impedance to limit the voltage to ground
13 Exposed non–current-carrying metal parts of fixed equipment likely to become energized shall be connected to the equipment grounding conductor under the following condition:
a) Where within 8 feet horizontal and 5 feet vertical of grounded metal objects and subject to contact by persons.
b) Where within 5 feet vertical and 5 feet horizontal of grounded metal objects and subject to contact by persons.
c) Where within 8 feet vertical and 5 feet horizontal of grounded metal objects and subject to contact by persons.
d) Where within 8 feet vertical and 8 feet horizontal of grounded metal objects and subject to contact by persons.
14 Circuit breakers which are used to switch 120 volt fluorescent lights on an off shall be marked with what listing?
a) U.L. approved
b) 5,000 RMS
c) SWD or HID
d) 10,000 RMS
15 According to the NEC, service-entrance conductors for over 600 volts are protected by a circuit breaker if it has how many times the ampacity of the conductor for its trip setting? (Short circuit protection)
a) 3 times
b) 5 times
c) 6 times
d) 8 times
16 What is the smallest size of service-entrance copper conductors permitted when installed in a non-metallic raceway when supplying three single branch circuit loads in a commercial building.?
a) No. 10
b) No. 8
c) No. 6
d) No. 4
17 When shall the service ground-fault protection system be tested?
a) When it is installed
b) When it is manufactured
c) When it is inspected
d) When it is energized for the first time
18 What is the maximum time of delay permitted for a feeder disconnect rated 1000 amperes or more on a solidly grounded wye electrical system of more than 150 volts to ground, but not exceeding 600 volts phase-to-phase, that is NOT (1) a continuous industrial process where a orderly shutdown will introduce additional or increased hazards, and (2) is also not for a fire pump, and (3) does not have a ground fault protected service ?
a) 1/2 second
b) 1second
c) 3 seconds
d) 100 milliseconds
19 What is the minimum size rating of a 240/120 volt single phase service entrance conductors supplying a single family dwelling having 1200 square feet of living space and a net computed load of 4800 KA?
a) 100 amperes
b) 200 amperes
c) 60 amperes
d) 30 amperes
20 Given a single family residence with a general lighting load of 22,500 watts. What is the demand lighting load for the residence?
a) 22,500 watts
b) 19,500 watts
c) 6,825 watts
d) 9,825 watts

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