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2008 NEC Refresher Part 1 Practice Test 2

Course Name: 2008 NEC Review
Quiz Number:  No. 12
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 The length of a Type S cord connecting a kitchen waste disposal unit  must not exceed:
a) 18 inches
b) 4 feet
c) 36 inches
2 Screw-shell lamp holders must not be used with infrared lamps rated over ________   unless the lampholders are identified as being suitable for use with infrared heating lamps rated over 300 watts.
a) 300 watts
b) 600 watts
c) 150 watts
3 A molded case circuit breaker may serve as the disconnecting means for motor driven appliances rated:
a) Not over one-half horsepower
b) Not over one horsepower
c) Not over one-third horsepower
d) All of the above if the circuit breaker is listed.
4 A 20-ampere single non motor operated appliance must not be protected at more than:
a) 20 amperes
b) 25 amperes
c) 30 amperes
5 The minimum length of non heating leads furnished for heating cables is:
a) 7 feet
b) 8 inches
c) 3 feet
6 The non-heating leads of 240-volt heating cable are:
a) yellow
b) blue
c) red
7 Wiring above heated ceilings must be spaced above the ceiling at least:
a) 4 inches
b) 2 inches
c) 3 inches
8 The separation between heating cables and outlet box must be at least:
a) 8 inches
b) 2 inches
c) 6 inches
9 Adjacent runs of heating cables not exceeding 2 3/4 watts/foot in ceilings must be spaced on centers of:
a) 1 1/2 inches
b) 16 inches
c) 1 inch
10 The branch-circuit conductors supplying a resistance heater without a motor rated at 16 amperes must have an ampacity of:
a) 16 amperes
b) 20 amperes
c) 32 amperes
11 When a dispute or a problem arises concerning the interpretation of the National Electrical Code, which of the following would be the most likely to solve the problem?
a) The electrical contractor
b) The I.A.E.I. organization
c) An electrical engineer
d) The chief electrical inspector
12 The length of a pull box used in straight pulls for No. 4 and larger conductors for 600 volts and under shall not be less than how many times the trade diameter of the largest raceway?
a) five
b) six
c) eight
d) ten
13 Metal plugs or plates used with nonmetallic boxes, conduit bodies or fittings shall be recessed at least, how far from the outer surface?
a) 1/4 inch
b) Flush
c) 1/2 inch
d) 5/8 inch
14 Which of the following locations is not permitted for the use of surface raceways (wiremold)?
a) A dry location
b) Concealed Under plaster
c) Under data processing room floors.
d) In Class I division 2 locations
15 Generally, under floor raceways not more than 4 inches wide shall nave no less than how much concrete or wood above them?
a) 2 inches
b) 4 inches
c) 3/4 inch
d) 1/2 inch
16 In a Class 1, Division 1 location a conduit passing through into a non hazardous location will have the sealing fitting installed where?
a) On both sides of the boundary
b) On either side of the boundary
c) No seal required under the circumstances
d) At the first fitting
17 Boxes which are installed in walls of non combustible material will be installed so that the front edge of the box is no further back than?
a) Flush
b) 1/2 inch
c) 3/8 inch
d) 1/4 inch
18 Live parts exposed on the front of a switchboard are present. The working space in front of the switchboard will not be less than?
a) 24 inches
b) 30 inches
c) 36 inches
d) 42 inches
19 What is the minimum size of conductor which requires an insulation bushing when entering into a raceway in a junction box?
a) No. 6 THW
b) No. 4
c) No. 10 TW
d) No. 12
20 For a conductor at a terminal which leaves a cabinet the minimum wire bending space at the terminal shall be how much if the conductor is a 250 MCM conductor and leaves through wall opposite its removable terminal?
a) 4 inches
b) 4 1/2 inches
c) 5 inches
d) 6 1/2 inches

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