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2008 NEC Refresher Part 1 Practice Test 1

Course Name: 2008 NEC Review
Quiz Number:  No. 11
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 For dwelling unit with a 240/120 single-phase service the frame of a 4,500 watt 240/120 volt clothes dryer shall be grounded by using the grounding conductor.  The minimum size copper conductor is:
a) No. 10
b) No. 8
c) No. 12
2 The minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor for a 200-ampere circuit is:
a) No. 8
b) No. 6
c) No. 3
3 When not under concrete, rigid metal conduit must be buried under public highways and streets at least:
a) 24 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 6 inches
d) 4 inches
4 120-volt, 20-ampere GFCI protected residential branch circuit may be buried at a minimum depth of :
a) 12 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 24 inches
5 The listed ampacities of 75 Degrees C. conductors in a raceway must be reduced when the ambient air temperature exceeds:
a) 60 degrees C.
b) 75 degrees C.
c) 90 degrees C.
d) 30 degrees C.
6 Horizontal nonmetallic wireways shall be supported where run horizontally at intervals not to exceed  _________, and at each end or joint, unless listed for other support intervals. In no case shall the distance between supports exceed 3 m (10 ft).
a) 3 ft.
b) 5 ft.
c) 6 ft.
7 When NOT using a one-shot bender, the minimum radius of  a field bend to the centerline of the conduit for 2-inch rigid metal conduit containing XHHW conductors is:
a) 9 1/2 inches
b) 12 inches
c) 15 inches
8 In a straight run, 2-inch rigid metal conduit with threaded couplings may be supported at intervals not exceeding:
a) 10 feet
b) 12 feet
c) 16 feet
9 The maximum size of electrical metallic tubing is:
a) 6-inch
b) 4-inch
c) 2-inch
10 For metallic and nonmetallic, auxiliary gutters must not be filled to greater than:
a) 20 %
b) 30 %
c) 40 %
d) 60 %
11 The multiplier for bending offsets is called the ________ of the angle used for the offset bends.
a) sine
b) cosine
c) secant
d) cosecant
12 The largest conductor allowed in a standard box without other restrictions is:
a) No. 4
b) No. 8
c) No. 6
13 An Alternating-Current or Direct-Current General-Use Snap Switch may control what inductive load as a percentage of its ampere rating?
a) 80 %
b) 50 %
c) 75 %
14 The ampacity of No. 14 fixture wire is:
a) 8 amperes
b) 15 amperes
c) 17 amperes
15 When there are exposed live parts on both sides of the working space for a system operating at 480 volts the required distance between the equipment is:
a) 3 feet
b) 3 1/2 feet
c) 4 feet
16 Guarding by elevation for a 600-volt circuit requires an elevation of:
a) 8 feet
b) 6 1/4 feet
c) 8 1/2 feet
17 Conduit or fittings must not rise into the bottom of a switchboard enclosure more than:
a) 8 inches
b) 3 inches
c) 10 inches
18 Plug-in-type overcurrent protection devices that are backfed and used to terminate field-installed ungrounded supply conductors ________________ .
a) are permitted if locked in place
b) shall be secured in place by an additional fastener that requires other than a pull to release the device from the mounting means on the panel.
c) do not require any additional hardware
19 For a center line radius of 20 inches and a 45 degree bend the developed length of the conduit is found by using the following formula:
a) dl = 20 x 90 x 0.0175.
b) dl = 20 x 45 x 0.0175.
c) dl = 20 x 90 x tangent of 45 degrees
20 For a center line radius of 20 inches and a 90 degree bend the gain is:
a) 8.5 inches
b) 6 inches
c) 4.125 inches

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