Washington RCW/WAC Course Version 4


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Welcome to this four hour course on the Washington Administrative Code WAC 296-46B and the Washington Revised Code RCW 19.28.  This is Version 4 that has been updated to the latest WAC296-46B Revisions.  Each of 10 tests for this course consists of 10 questions for a total of 100 questions. Links to the ten final tests are in the left frame. Clicking on them will load the tests in this frame while the WAC 296-46B and RCW 19.28 remain in the lower frame to allow the student to search and find the answers to questions. 

Each Test is a module that must be completed in one 20 minute or longer time period to get credit. 

Tests cannot be submitted for grading until after 1200 seconds (20 minutes of cumulative time.)  The cumulative test taking time for each test is recorded at the server and so is the time that the test was submitted.  Attempting to cheat by opening two or more browsers, using several Tabs in the same browser, or using two or more computers and running several tests at once will result in overlapping test recording times.  If you are found doing this you will be disqualified.  A test taker's record must show at least 20 minutes between test recording times.

There is no limit on how many times you take a test.  Also, Tests can be completed in any order and at different times or days.  However, you must pass all tests with a 70 percent or higher score.  A link in the left navigator frame is provided for you to search your test database to see which tests you passed using your name and email address entered on the Tests.  You are responsible for keeping track of which tests you pass using this tool.  After completing and passing all tests there is a link in the left navigator frame for submitting a Notification of Completion Form. 

If you have questions email Gerald Newton at:  electrician@electrician2.com or call him at 907 978 0160.

This is a State of Washington RCW/WAC Update course that can be used by electricians, electrical administrators, and engineers as 4 hours of continuing education credit for renewing licenses.

To be eligible for renewal of an administrator, master electrician or electrician certificate, an individual must complete at least eight hours of approved continuing education units (CEU) for each year of the prior certification period.   At least eight hours of the total required CEU's must be on the currently adopted National Electrical Code changes.  Beginning January 1, 2005, four hours of the required CEU's must be on the currently adopted Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 19.28 and its related Washington Administrative Code (WAC 296-46).


What is expected of Students taking this course

(1)  Students are required to take and pass each of the ten final Tests with a passing score of 70 per cent or better. 

(2)  Students are required to not copy answers and give them to other students. 

(3)  Students are required to take the courses themselves and not allow others to assist them.

(4)  Students are required to spend at least 4 hours of total time taking this course.



About Statutes and Regulations

Statutes are passed into law by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.  The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is a statute passed by the State legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  There are 91 Titles to the RCW.  Title 19 is called Business Regulations -- Miscellaneous,  and Subchapter 19.28 covers electricians and electrical installations.

Statutes generally do not contain all the rules necessary to meet the full intent of the Statute.  Therefore, statues often contain rules that permit a regulatory agency to file and adopt regulations that are reasonably necessary to carry out the Statute and within the scope of the Statute.  The State of Washington 1988 Administrative Procedure Act provides a procedure for adopting regulations.   This act requires that agencies solicit comments from the public in order to meet the intent of providing greater public access to administrative rule making and to promote consensus among interested parties.

The Labor and Industries Department has authority to file and adopt regulations that become part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC.)   The electrical rules filed and adopted by the Department of Labor and Industries as permitted by the Statue RCW 19.28 are contained in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC)  296-46B.  WAC 296-46B references RCW 19.28 and contains additions and modifications. 

     The Changing Law and Staying Updated

The department (Land I) is considering amendments to the electrical rules based upon an upcoming review of new safety code requirements from the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC). The 2014 NEC was adopted by the department on March 1, 2013, to replace the current 2008 NEC standards and will become effective on July 1, 2014. The proposed changes may include amendments to all sections of Chapter 296-46B WAC, excluding the Scope of Work requirements in WAC 296-46B-920.

What is learned today about a particular rule may not be the same in a just a few weeks.  Attorney general opinions, court cases, amendments, deletions, administrative letters,  and court orders change the way laws are applied.  Also, there are  "gray areas" that may need an interpretation. Whenever there is a question students are advised to contact the Labor and Industries Department to find out the latest ruling.  RCW 19.28.321 states: The chief electrical inspector, subject to the review of the director, shall be responsible for providing the final interpretation of adopted state electrical standards, rules, and policies for the department and its inspectors, assistant inspectors, electrical plan examiners, and other individuals supervising electrical program personnel.

Every effort will be made to keep this course up to date using the latest rules.  There are already new rules on the books going through the process of being adopted.  As these rules are incorporated into the Washington Administrative Code this course will be kept up to date.

The student is encouraged to visit the State of Washington Web Site that provides links to current rules, proposed rules, revised rules, and dates for public comments on proposed rules.   The entire Washington Revised Code and Washington Administrative Code and other information can be downloaded from the State of Washington Labor and Industries Web Site.

State of Washington Electrical Safety Standards Rule Updates

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