2014 NEC Changes Course

Welcome to this eight hour course on the 2014 NEC Changes.   Links to the twenty final tests are in the left frame. Clicking on them will load the tests in this frame. The twenty Final Tests  must be taken and passed with a 70 per cent or higher score.   Each time you submit a test the server grades, records and then sends the grade back to the test page for the student to see. 

Each Test is a module that must be completed in one 20 minute or longer time period to get credit. 

Tests cannot be submitted for grading until after 1200 seconds (20 minutes of cumulative time.)  The cumulative test taking time for each test is recorded at the server and so is the time that the test was submitted.  Attempting to cheat by opening two or more browsers, using several Tabs in the same browser, or using two or more computers and running several tests at once will result in overlapping test recording times.  If you are found doing this you will be disqualified.  A test taker's record must show at least 20 minutes between test recording times.

There is no limit on how many times you take a test.  Also, Tests can be completed in any order and at different times or days.  However, you must pass all tests with a 70 percent or higher score.  A link is provided in the left navigator frame for you to search your test database to see which tests you passed using your name and email address entered on the Tests.  You are responsible for keeping track of which tests you pass using this tool.  After completing and passing all tests there is a link for submitting a Notification of Completion Form. The link for this is in the left navigator frame.

If you have questions email Gerald Newton at:  electrician@electrician2.com or call him at 907 978 0160  and give me your number so I can call you back so there will be minimum toll charges to you.

This is a 2014 NEC Code Update course that can be used by electricians, electrical administrators, and engineers as 8 hours of continuing education credit for renewing licenses.

What is expected of Students taking this course

(1)  Students are required to take and pass each of the twenty final Tests with a passing score of 70 per cent or better. 

(2)  Students are required to not copy answers and give them to other students. 

(3)  Students are required to take the courses themselves and not allow others to assist them.

(4)  Students are required to spend at least 8 hours of total time taking this course.