2008 NEC Review and Refresher Practice Tests
  Welcome to the 2008 NEC Practice Tests for review and refresher courses.

These tests are tutorial type that direct users to the answers and code references where applicable.   There are 20 tests. Each test consists of 20 questions for a total of 400 questions.   These practice quizzes are interactive and self grading that anyone can take.  

This practice course is for anyone doing electrical wiring subject to the 2008 National Electrical Code and is an excellent review and update for journeyman electricians.

The navigator frame on the left allows you to navigate through the tests and material.  The special music selector allows users of IE to listen to background midi music.

When using frames and IE 4.0+ simply slide the left hand frame border to the left with your mouse to view the material with a fuller screen. Also, with IE 4.0 use the full screen tool and you will have presentation quality.
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