Continuing Education Website Kit

(Read my information page on developing a continuing education website and business click here)

Today if I were starting to set up a continuing education site I would be baffled.  Simply put the Internet world has changed.  Just right click on a web page sometime and look at the source code.  It is impossible to read.  What happened?  Many of these newer web pages are built using software.  But I use the old HTML code with tables and frames and it works just fine and it is maintainable.  Most of my test.htm pages can be edited with Notepad and a little knowledge of HTML.  Also today, Backboard and TopClass just about have the continuing education market covered.  They are massive and charge astronomical fees.  You will not make any money with these guys.  They are for the universities and colleges that have large amounts of cash to invest.  But they can't do anything that a Perl programmer can't do; they just make it more complicated while claiming it is more user friendly as they stash your money in the bank.  But remember and Ebay were started by Perl programmers. Perl is the language to run on the server while JavaScript is the language to run in the web page itself.  Now to stop my rambling and try to describe what I am offering.  I might add if you paid someone to write what I am selling for $99 it would cost you in the thousands of dollars.  I can guarantee that.  At one time I tried to hire someone to write some Perl programs for me.  Just finding someone is a nightmare.  So I learned Perl and wrote my own programs and that is why I can sell this kit at such a low price. 

This kit includes 10 readymade test templates with a built in timers, 10 answer files, 10 datafiles, and 4 Perl programs that run on the ISP Server where you host your site.  The ISP must allow Perl CGI programs to run.  CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.

How it Works

When the test submit button is clicked on each test a JavaScript validation program checks to see if the name and email address have been entered then checks to see if the timeout has been reached. The timeout is easily adjustable by editing the test.htm file in Notepad.  For the trial version the time out is set at 50 seconds.  Once the test is submitted a Perl program at the server which is supplied runs and checks the test inputs against an answer file located on the server. The answer file is the same for all the templates but can be edited using Notepad.   At the server the test is graded and the percent score is calculated and rounded off to 0.1, then sent back to the tester's browser along with other information like the IP address, elapse time, and the answers marked with a little "x" if wrong.  This same information is also recorded into a database searchable file at the server, one for each test.

If the grade is passing then a link to the next test is provided, if failed a link to the same test is provided. After Test 10 is passed a link to a search page is provided where the tester can find at all the passed test results using the email address.

A utility page also provides the ability to download any of the answer files for each test or all the results that have been recorded for each test. Each test has a built in JavaScript program that runs the timer and validation programs.

This package comes with reasonable technical support by Gerald Newton who will help you set it up and get it running.

Remember this.  The files provided in this kit can be modified and expanded to include many more tests.  This kit is a boiler plate for creating an entire array of tests and the same software or an easily modified version of it can be used over and over.

You must provide a website hosted by a provider such as Total cost for your site at Powweb is less than $100 per year and that includes gigabytes of files on their servers and running Perl programs at no additional cost. I have been using Powweb for over 10 years and they have been excellent in every way including technical support.

The great thing about this web site kit is that once set up and running it is entirely under your control and no administrators or sponsors can alter your site. There are also no additional charges.

Once you pay the price for this kit it is all yours! The tests run in most browsers that run Java and that includes most of them.  Also this package works well in a Unix environment like Powweb uses.

A trial version of this package starting at test 1 is at:

To find the correct answers download any answerfile using the utility program.  The answers are all the same for the test templates.  Of course these answers would be changed once the permanent tests are created.

The utility page is at:

 Price:  An unbelievable $99.00   

After purchase and receiving username and password download zipped file from here: The zipped file includes four Perl CGI programs, 10 answer files, 10 datafiles, and 10 htm tests.  The main Perl Program grades the tests the other 3 are for retrieving information as shown in the utility page.