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California Electrician Test Preparation

Quiz Number:  No. 18
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 Busways shall be supported at intervals not to exceed _____ feet unless designed and marked otherwise.
a) 3 feet
b) 5 feet
c) 4 1/2 feet
2 Given a 4 11/16 ' by 1 1/2 inch deep box. How many No. 8 conductors can be spliced in this box.
a) 4
b) 6
c) 9
d) 12
3 To provide short circuit and ground-fault protection for a branch circuit supplying a motor, a feeder conductor supplying that branch circuit shall be provided with a _______.
a) magnetic trip unit
b) thermal relay
c) protective device
d) motor circuit switch
4 A 120 volt 30 ampere branch circuit shall have a power load not to exceed ______ kilovolt-amperes.
a) 3.6
b) 7.2
c) 2.88
5 The minimum distance between 5kv (phase to phase) switchgear that has access to live parts is ________. (Assume phase to ground voltage as 5 kv / 1.732)
a) 3 feet
b) 4 1/2 feet
c) 6 feet
d) 7 feet
6 Without exceptions the minimum headroom of working spaces about service equipment, motor control centers, switchboards, and panelboards is _______.
a) 5 feet
b) 6 feet
c) 6 1/2 feet
d) 7 feet
7 What size raceway is required for installing the following XHHW copper conductors in a conduit over 24 inches long. (a) two 400 kcmil (b) six 500 kcmil (b) one bare 3/0
a) 6 inch
b) 5 inch
c) 4 inch
d) 3 1/2 inch
8 Fixed wiring used to supply external power to aircraft within an aircraft hangar shall be installed at least _____ inches above the floor level.
a) 24
b) 18
c) 12
d) 6
9 In an apartment building the disconnecting means in addition to the unit switch for fixed appliances shall be located ___________. (select the best answer)
a) within sight of the appliance
b) within the dwelling unit, or on the same floor as the dwelling unit in which the appliance is installed
c) inside an individual dwelling unit
d) in the electrical room on the first floor
10 Wiring methods inside plenums used for environmental air include:
a) Flexible metal conduit and liquidtight flexible metal conduit shall be permitted, in lengths not to exceed 4 ft
b) Type MI cable, Type MC cable employing a smooth or corrugated impervious metal sheath without an overall nonmetallic covering
c) electrical metallic tubing, flexible metallic tubing, intermediate metal conduit, or rigid metal conduit
d) All of the above
11 In a 3 wire 120/240 volt service the current in L1 is 15 amperes and the current in L2 is 25 amperes. The current in the grounded conductor should be ____ amperes.
a) 10 amperes
b) 15 amperes
c) 25 amperes
d) 0 amperes
12 In general the minimum work space required in front of a panelboard is _______ feet in front, _______ inches wide, and _______ feet high.
a) 3, 30, 6 1/2
b) 3 1/2, 36, 6
c) 2, 30, 6 1/2
13 In general the minimum work space required in front of service equipment containing overcurrent devices is _______ feet in front, _______ inches wide, and _______ feet high.
a) 3, 30, 6 1/2
b) 3 1/2, 36, 6
c) 2, 30, 6 1/2
14 Except as elsewhere required or permitted by the Code, live parts of electric equipment operating at _____ volts or more shall be guarded against accidental contact by approved enclosures or by 1. By location in a room, vault, or similar enclosure that is accessible only to qualified persons. 2. By suitable permanent, substantial partitions or screens arranged so that only qualified persons will have access to the space within reach of the live parts. Any openings in such partitions or screens shall be sized and located so that persons are not likely to come into accidental contact with the live parts or to bring conducting objects into contact with them. 3. By location on a suitable balcony, gallery, or platform elevated and arranged so as to exclude unqualified persons. or 4. By elevation of 8 ft (2.44 m) or more above the floor or other working surface.
a) 24 volts
b) 30volts
c) 48 volts
d) 50 volts
15 In general, the ampere rating of a disconnecting means serving a hermetic refrigerant motor-compressor which has a nameplate rating of 50 amperes shall be at least _______ amperes. (Select the closest answer)
a) 50 amperes
b) 58 amperes
c) 62.5 amperes
16 When there is load diversity of 50 percent the derating factor for 11 current carrying conductors in a raceway over 24 inches long is ______ percent.
a) 50
b) 70
c) 80
17 A box contains a switch, 6 No. 12 conductors that are spliced, and a No. 12 equipment grounding conductor. If there are no clamps in the box what size box is required?
a) 4 x 21/8 x 21/8 device
b) 3 x 2 x 3 device
c) 4 by 1/2 inch square
18 The minimum service disconnect size for a single family dwelling is ________ amperes.
a) 60
b) 100
c) 125
19 The grounding conductor for a communications service installed by the telephone company cannot be smaller than ______.
a) No. 12
b) No. 14
c) No. 6
d) No. 8
20 When a separate grounding electrode is installed for a communications service it shall be bonded to the power grounding electrode system with a a minimum size No. _____ copper or equivalent bonding jumper.
a) No. 14
b) No. 8
c) No. 6
d) No. 4

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