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Quiz Number:  No. 17
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 Several motors, each not exceeding 1 hp in rating, shall be permitted on a nominal 120-volt branch circuit protected at not over 20 amperes or a branch circuit of 600 volts, nominal, or less, protected at not over 15 amperes, if which of the following conditions are met.
a) The full-load rating of each motor does not exceed 6 amperes
b) The rating of the branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protective device marked on any of the controllers is not exceeded.
c) Individual overload protection conforms to Section 430-32.
d) All of the above
2 Where conductors are run in parallel in parallel raceways the grounding conductors shall be_______.
a) run in parallel
b) run in at least one raceway
c) run in an isolated raceway
d) run outside the raceways but secured to the raceway.
3 Taps to brake coils of cranes and hoists shall be protected by _____.
a) 20 amperes circuit breaker
b) 15 ampere fuses
c) 10 ampere fuses
d) Nothing. No protection is required.
4 The ampere rating of the disconnecting means serving a hermetic refrigerant motor-compressor shall be ______ of the nameplate rated-load current or branch-circuit selection current, whichever is greater
a) 115 percent
b) 125 percent
c) 135 percent
5 Underground wiring for bulk storage plants is permitted to be installed in _______
a) threaded rigid metal conduit
b) threaded steel intermediate metal conduit
c) where buried under not less than 2 ft (610 mm) of cover, shall be permitted in rigid nonmetallic conduit or an approved cable
d) All of the above
6 Disregarding any exceptions the fixed wiring method for theatres that have an occupancy load of 100 persons or more shall be _______.
a) Nonmetallic sheathed cable
b) Electrical nonmetallic tubing
c) The fixed wiring methods shall be metal raceways, flexible metal raceways, nonmetallic raceways encased in not less than 2 in. of concrete, Type MI, MC, or AC cable containing an insulated equipment grounding conductor.
d) All of the above
7 What is the minimum number of duplex receptacles required for each patient bed in the critical care area of a hospital.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
8 When there is a power outage in a hospital and the automatic switching equipment is activated to emergency service what is the required time delay setting for re-establishing the normal service after normal service power is restored.
a) Not more than 10 seconds
b) 30 seconds
c) 5 minutes
d) 15 minutes
9 An operating room in a hospital where the use of non-flammable anesthetizing agents are used, the area is classified as a(n) _______ location.
a) Class I, Division I
b) Class I, Division 2
c) non-hazardous location
10 Splices and taps are permitted in wireways provided they are accessible and do not fill the wireway to more than _____ percent of the cross sectional area and are ________..
a) 50, accessible
b) 60, accessible
c) 75, accessible
d) 80, accessible
11 Both metallic and nonmetallic wireways can be filled to 20 percent of their cross sectional area, but the following statement is true about their differences._
a) No derating of over 3 current carrying conductors apply to nonmetallic wireways but not to metallic wireways.
b) There is no derating of up to 30 current carrying conductors in metallic wireway but there is derating for over 3 current carrying conductors in a nonmetallic wireway.
c) There is no derating for up to 30 current carrying conductors in metallic and nonmetallic wireways.
12 Refer to the figure below. The current through R2 is _____ . (select the closest answer)
a) 2.7 amperes
b) 1.3 amperes
c) 5.7 amperes
d) 8.3 amperes
13 Performance standard(s) that transfer equipment used in emergency systems shall meet is:
a) Automatic transfer switches shall be electrically operated and mechanically held.
b) Transfer equipment shall be designed and installed to prevent the inadvertent interconnection of normal and emergency sources of supply in any operation of the transfer equipment.
c) Transfer equipment shall supply only emergency loads.
d) All of the above
14 In a run of underground rigid metal conduit from a gasoline dispenser to the service panelboard in a nonhazardous location a total of ____sealoffs are required.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
15 In general, direct burial cable rated above _____ volts shall be shielded.
a) 12,000
b) 5,000
c) 2,400
d) 2,000
16 In a hospital general care area each patient bed location shall be provided with a minimum of ____ receptacles.
a) 1 duplex
b) 3 duplex or 6 single
c) 2 duplex or 4 single.
d) 4 duplex
17 Where a surface-mounted fixture containing a ballast is to be installed on combustible low-density cellulose fiberboard, it shall be listed for this condition or shall be spaced not less than _______ in. from the surface of the fiberboard.
a) 1/4
b) 3/8
c) 1 1/2
d) 2
18 What is the minimum size equipment bonding jumper required for a raceway containing a circuit protected at 60 amperes.
a) No. 14
b) No. 12
c) No. 10
d) No. 8
19 An individual outlet with taps not over 18 inches long is connected to a 50 ampere circuit to supply a household kitchen wall-mounted oven. The tap conductor ampacity shall not be less than _____ amperes.
a) 50
b) 40
c) 30
d) 20
20 Given an AC transformer and DC rectifier arc welder with a 60 percent duty cycle. The ampacity of the supply conductors shall be calculated by multiplying the nameplate current by a factor of _______.
a) .78
b) .84
c) .89

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