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Quiz Number:  No. 16
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No. of Questions= 20

1 Each commercial building and occupancy accessible to pedestrians shall be provided with at least one accessible outlet for sign or outline lighting. This outlet shall not supply any other load and shall be rated no less than _____, and the load shall be computed at a minimum of _________ volt-amperes.
a) 15 amperes , 1200
b) 1500 watts, 1500
c) 20 amperes, 1200
d) 30amperes, 1500
2 In the field, it is not permissible to connect fuses or circuit breakers in parallel.
a) True
b) False
3 Capacitors that contain more than ______ gallons of flammable liquid shall be enclosed in a vaults or outdoor fenced enclosure.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
4 A grounded circuit conductor shall NOT be permitted to ground noncurrent-carrying metal parts of equipment, raceways, and other enclosures at which of the following locations ____:
a) Service equipment on the supply side of the service disconnecting means.
b) On the supply side or within the enclosure of the main disconnecting means for separate buildings
c) On the supply side or within the enclosure of the main disconnecting means or overcurrent devices of a separately derived system
d) Ranges and Dryers on the load side of the service disconnecting means.
5 Generally, when driving a ground rod into the ground which of the following apply:
a) The upper end of the ground rod shall be driven to below grade level.
b) The upper end of the ground rod may be driven to below grade or flush with grade but the connection to the grounding electrode conductor shall be accessible.
c) The upper end of the ground rod shall be flush with grade.
d) The upper end of the ground rod shall be above grade level.
6 The Life Safety Branch of a hospital emergency electrical system shall supply power for ________.
a) Illumination of Means of Egress
b) Exit Signs.
c) Alarm and Alerting Systems.
d) Communications Systems.
e) All of the above and power for the generator set and elevator.
7 In a hospital electrical system, the critical branch of the Emergency System shall supply power for all the following with the exception of _____.
a) Power for task illumination, fixed equipment, selected receptacles, and special power circuits serving the following areas and functions related to patient care.
b) Nurse call systems
c) Blood, bone, and tissue banks
d) Three-phase motors used for the supply water.
e) Single-phase fractional horsepower motors shall be permitted to be connected to the critical branch.
8 Auxiliary gutters are permitted to contain all of the below with the exception of ______.
a) overcurrent devices.
b) conductors
c) busbars
d) spliced conductors
9 An insulated conductor used in a switchboard shall be _______.
a) listed
b) flame retardant
c) rated not less than the voltage applied to other conductors or busbars with which it may come in contact.
d) All of the above.
10 A three phase 480 volt air conditioner shall be connected ________.
a) directly to the premise wiring system using an acceptable method from Chapter 3.
b) with a 3-prong attachment plug and flexible cord
c) with a 4-prong attachment plug and flexible cord
d) with flexible cord and plug is not over 4 feet long.
11 Cables containing Class 2 circuits can be installed in the same cable tray as power and lighting cables rated 6oo volts without a partition if the Class 2 circuit cables are ________.
b) CL2
c) Metal-Clad
d) CL3
12 What is the minimum working space WIDTH in front of equipment operating at 120 volts AC containing fuses or circuit breakers that may be serviced while energized?
a) 3 feet
b) 30 inches
c) 4 feet
d) None of the above
13 In general, the maximum length that 3/8 inch flexible metal conduit that can be made up in the field is _____.
a) 3 feet
b) 4 feet
c) 6 feet
d) None of the above - there is no maximum length.
14 If structural members are on 5 feet centers EMT can be supported _____ feet from a box instead of within 3 feet when the EMT is run from a box to a structural member and there is no other method to readily fasten the EMT within 3 feet.
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
15 Switches an circuit breakers used as switches shall be installed so that the center of the grip of the operating handle is not more than _____ above the floor or working platform.
a) 6 feet 7 inches
b) 6 1/2 feet
c) 5 feet
d) 4 feet
16 Where the circuitry is interlocked so as to prevent operation of selected motors or other loads at the same time, the branch circuit conductor ampacity shall be permitted to be based on ______.
a) 125 percent of the largest motor full amperes plus the sum of the other motors full load currents.
b) the summation of the currents of the motors and other loads to be operated at the same time that results in the highest total current.
c) 125 percent of the sum of all the loads.
17 An insulated grounded conductor larger than No. 6 shall be identified by _____. (Select the best answer)
a) a continuous white or natural gray outer finish or by three continuous white stripes on other than green insulation along its entire length or at the time of installation by a distinctive white marking at its terminations.
b) By tagging or other effective means.
c) By painting the terminals and splices white.
d) By applying gray tape to the exposed areas of the conductors.
18 The requirements for attachments plugs and cord caps shall conform to one or more of the following. Select the best answer.
a) No receptacle shall be installed so as to require an energized attachment plug as its source of supply.
b) Attachment plugs shall be installed so that their prongs, blades, or pins are not energized unless inserted into an energized receptacle.
c) Receptacles, cord connectors, and attachment plugs shall be constructed so that receptacle or cord connectors will not accept an attachment plug with a different voltage or current rating than that for which the device is intended; ex. for 20A T recept.
d) Nongrounding-type receptacles and connectors shall not accept grounding-type attachment plugs.
e) All of the above
19 An outlet box for the tap conductor of a recessed fixture terminal connection shall be placed at a minimum distance of _____ from the fixture.
a) 4 feet
b) 18 inches
c) 1 foot
d) None of the above
20 When liquidtight flexible metal conduit or flexible metal conduit are installed as a fixed raceway, they shall be SECURED at intervals not exceeding 4 1/2 feet and within 12 inches on each side of every outlet box or fitting. Are tie wraps suitable to secure these raceways?
a) Yes, if acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction
b) Yes, if approved
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above; tie wraps cannot be used.

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