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Quiz Number:  No. 14
Teacher:  Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 For Interlocked-Type Armor or Corrugated Sheath Type Metal Clad Cable bends shall be made so that the cable will not be damaged, and the radius of the curve of the inner edge of any bend shall not be less than:
a) Seven times the external diameter of the metallic sheath.
b) Ten times the external diameter of the metallic sheath.
c) Twelve times the external diameter of the metallic sheath.
d) Fifteen times the external diameter of the metallic sheath.
2 How many amperes does a 83,100 kilowatt load with a .8 power factor draw in a 480 volt, three phase circuit?
a) 100 amperes
b) 125 amperes
c) 1250 amperes
d) 1,000 amperes
3 Using the DC resistance method and values from Table 8 in Chapter 9 of the NEC what is the Voltage drop for a No. 12 copper solid conductor used on a two wire 120 volt circuit that is 200 feet long one-way and draws 12 amperes? Select nearest answer.
a) 12.3 volts
b) 6 volts
c) 9.3 volts
d) Not enough information to find the answer.
4 What is the maximum rating for fastened in place cord- and plug-connected utility equipment that can be installed on a 20 ampere circuit if the circuit also supplies lighting outlets?
a) 20 amperes
b) 16 amperes
c) 12 amperes
d) 10 amperes
5 What is the maximum cord and plug connected load to a receptacle rated 15 amperes and installed on a 20 ampere circuit?
a) 20 amperes
b) 16 amperes
c) 12 amperes
d) 10 amperes
6 What is the maximum size circuit rating permitted when using a duplex receptacle which is rated at 20 amperes?
a) 20 amperes
b) 15 amperes
c) 16 amperes
d) 10 amperes
7 What is the minimum load allowed for each 2-wire laundry branch circuit installed in a dwelling?
a) 2,400 volt-amperes
b) 2,000 volt-amperes
c) 1,800 volt-amperes
d) 1,500 volt-amperes
8 Drawings designed to show the exact location of the installed circuit are commonly referred to as a?
a) Blue print
b) Schematic diagram
c) As-build drawing
d) One-line drawing
e) red-lined blue prints.
9 What is the horsepower output of a 75 horsepower, three phase motor with a 85% efficiency and a .80 power factor if the voltage is 230 volts and the motor draws 194 amperes?
a) 60 Horsepower
b) 70 Horsepower
c) 80 Horsepower
d) 90 Horsepower
10 Given 5 ranges with the following loads: 6 Kw, 4.5 Kw, 8 Kw, 3.5 Kw, and 4 Kw. What is the minimum computed load for these household ranges when all are connected to one feeder?
a) 26 Kva
b) 20 Kva
c) 11.7 Kva
d) 16.2 Kva
11 Given two 400 ampere 480 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire panels connected by one neutral. What percent of the neutral load must be taken for the first 200 amperes?
a) 70 percent
b) 125 percent
c) 80 percent
d) 100 percent
12 The minimum vertical distance from ground for service-drop conductors rated 240,Volts, and running over a public drive-way shall be?
a) 10 feet
b) 18 feet
c) 15 feet
d) 12 feet
13 It is permissible to install 10 feet service entrance conductors in all of the following except?
a) Electrical metallic tubing
b) Intermediate metal conduit
c) Flexible metallic conduit
d) Rigid metallic conduit
14 Where the service disconnecting means does not disconnect the grounded conductor from the premises wiring, you must install which of the following:
a) A disconnecting link,or terminal
b) A bonding bushing
c) A grounding bushing
d) An additional ground rod
15 Which insulation can be used for conductors in (1) raceways used out of doors, (2) in raceways in concrete slabs indoors, and (3) in raceways that are directly buried in earth.
b) RHH
d) RH
16 What is the synchronous speed in RPM of a motor with eight poles when connected to a 400 hertz supply?
a) 12,000 RPM
b) 6,000 RPM
c) 3,000 RPM
d) 1200 RPM
17 A megger is used to measure:   (select best answer)
a) insulation breakdown resistance
b) resistance
c) resistance of ground rods
d) all of the above
18 Given four parallel 500 kcmil XHHW/CU with a 4 each 400 kcmil neutral conductors per phase run in 4 each metal conduits. What should the configuration be per each conduit.
a) A-phase, B-phase, C-phase, Neutral in each conduit.
b) AAAA in one conduit, BBBB in one conduit, CCCC in one conduit NNN in one conduit.
c) Doesn't matter.
d) None of the above
19 In general the minimum size conductors that can be used for up to 2,000 volts for power and lighting are:
a) No. 18 copper, No. 14 aluminum
b) No. 14 copper, No. 12 aluminum
c) No. 18 copper, No. 16 aluminum
20 Given three (3) 300 kcmil THWN Cu conductors in (3) sets being utilized as service-entrance conductors. What is the minimum size for the copper grounding electrode conductor?
a) No. 2
b) 4/0
c) 1/0
d) 2/0

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