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California Electrician Test Preparation

Quiz Number:  No. 2
Teacher: Gerald Newton
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No. of Questions= 20

1 In the diagram below the total resistance is _____ and the value of R3 is ____.


a) 20, 10.7 ohms

b) 20, 19.7 ohms

c) 20, 20.7 ohms

d) 10, 30 ohms

2 What is the ampacity of 12 No. 12 THHN copper conductors in a 10 feet long EMT raceway where there are 9 current carrying conductors and the ambient temperature is 42 degree C? (Select nearest answer)


a) 10 amperes

b) 15 amperes

c) 18 amperes

d) 22 amperes

3 What is the allowable ampacity of each No. 6 THW copper conductor if there are 10 current carrying conductors in a 24 inch long rigid conduit nipple in a room where the ambient temperature is 55 degrees C? (Select nearest answer)


a) 65 amperes

b) 67 amperes

c) 50 amperes

d) 44 amperes

4 Find the size EMT nipple required to enclose 3 each 500 kcmil THHN conductors between two panels.


a) 1 1/2 inch

b) 2 inch

c) 3 inch

d) 3 1/2 inch

5 What size rigid steel conduit is required for 4 each 4/0 XHHW and 1 each No. 3 bare equipment grounding conductor if the raceway is 12 feet long?


a) 1 1/2 inch

b) 2 inch

c) 2 1/2 inch

d) 3 inch

e) 1 inch

6 Junction boxes shall be ______.


a) accessible

b) readily accessible

c) visible

d) inside removable panels

7 The type of lampholder required in a branch circuit in excess of 20 amperes shall be ______.


a) brass

b) porcelain coated

c) not an interchangeable type

d) heavy duty type

8 For a conductors NOT part of a branch circuit supplying more than one receptacle for cord-and-plug-connected portable loads that are rated 56 amperes the maximum circuit protection for overcurrent is a  _____ fuse.


a) 50

b) 60

c) 70

d) 80

9 In an indoor  washdown area all metallic raceways, cables, boxes, and fittings shall be spaced not less than _____ inch from the walls.


a) 1/8

b) 1/4

c) 1/2

d) 3/4

10 Given: Three (3) 500 kcmil Type THHN copper conductors in a raceway at 70 degrees C. The maximum allowable current in each conductor is _____ amperes.


a) 249

b) 409

c) 430

d) 705

11 A luminaire (fixture) that weighs more than _______ lb or exceeds 400 mm (16 in.) in any dimension shall not be supported by the screw shell of a lampholder.


a) 4

b) 6

c) 50

d) 70

12 An AC-DC general use snap switch may be used with inductive loads at _____ percent of its ampere rating at the applied voltage.


a) 40

b) 50

c) 70

d) 80

13 When utilized as outside branch circuits and feeders, overhead conductors for 600 volts or less, for spans up to 50 feet, shall not be less than _____ copper.


a) No. 14

b) No. 12

c) No. 10

d) No. 8

14 Conductors of light and power systems of 600 volts or less may occupy the same enclosure, without regard to whether the individual circuits are AC or DC, only where all the conductors are ________.


a) insulated for the maximum temperature within the enclosure.

b) insulated for the maximum voltage applied to any conductor within the enclosure

c) insulated for the maximum of 600 volts

d) none of the above

15 When utilized in overhead services, without any exceptions, conductors shall not be smaller than No. ______ copper.


a) 14

b) 12

c) 10

d) 8

16 New to the 2011 NEC: Supplemental Electrode Required. A single rod, pipe, or plate electrode shall be supplemented by an additional electrode of a type specified in 250.52(A)(2) through (A)(8).
250.52 (A)(2) Metal Frame of the Building or Structure
250.52 (A)(3) Concrete-Encased Electrode
250.52 (A)(4) Ground Ring
250.52 (A)(5) Rod and Pipe Electrodes
250.52 (A)(6) Other Listed Electrodes
250.52 (A)(7) Plate Electrodes
250.52 (A)(8) Other Local Metal Underground Systems or Structures.

However there is an exception:  Exception: If a single rod, pipe, or plate grounding electrode has a resistance to earth of ______ ohms or less, the supplemental electrode shall not be required.


a) 5

b) 10

c) 25

d) 30

17 Disregarding all exceptions, the sum of the cross-sectional area of all conductors in a metal wireway shall not exceed ______ percent of the interior cross-sectional area of the wireway.


a) 20

b) 30

c) 40

d) 60

18 Given: Nine (9) No. 8 AWG THHN copper conductors in a conduit at 30 degrees C. What is the maximum allowable ampacity in each conductor?


a) 33.3

b) 38.5

c) 40.0

d) 55

19 The minimum total circuit ampacity required to supply an air conditioning motor compressor unit which consumes 8,500 volt amperes of power at a line voltage of 240 volts is ______ amperes. Select the closest answer.


a) 44.3

b) 40.0

c) 35.4

d) 28.3

20 Given: A Store building has a required general lighting load of 50,000 volt amperes. The general lighting load is supplied by a single phase, 230 volt feeder circuit. The minimum calculated current in the feeder circuit ungrounded (hot) conductors is _____ amperes. Select the closest answer.


a) 208

b) 217

c) 227

d) 230

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