State of Alaska Continues Tough Listing and Labeling Policy

  The State of Alaska Mechanical Inspection Policy Letter (MIPL 94) enforced by State electrical Inspectors states that effective September 1, 1993, electrical equipment or assemblies of approved electrical components that are subject to the National Electrical Code (NEC) must be third party certified by an approved certifier unless all of the following conditions apply:

  1. The assembled equipment must be unique one-of-a-kind.
  2. Listing or labeling is not readily available.
  3. Equipment must be used in an industrial manufacturing process where qualified maintenance personnel are employed.
  4. The equipment is engineered by an Alaska registered electrical engineer.
  5. All of the following are contained within the enclosure:
    • A bill of material listing all components.
    • A panel layout drawing including square inch area of all components.
    • A control panel circuit drawing that includes an Alaska registered electrical engineer seal imprint.
    • Identification of all line, load and terminal connections.
    • An overload relay element selection table if overload relays with replaceable elements are utilized.
    • Cut sheets or catalog pages from component manufacturers showing the suitability and rating of all components.
  6. A durable label or decal giving the voltage and number of phases employed must be permanently affixed to the enclosure.
  7. The equipment must be assembled by Alaska certified journeyman electricians.
  8. Each component must be third-party certified.
  9. The MI chief Inspector or an MI Electrical Inspector must determine if the equipment complies with the NEC.

Note: An approved certifier is one that complies with the American National Standard for Certification - Third-Party Certification Program ANSI Z34.1 - 1987.

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